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The children seen in these photographs are not only murder victims, but victims of sexual child abuse. These children were stolen from their families and loved ones, people who loved and cared for them, people who will never be the same or whole again. These children each did silly little things to make loved ones smile, each of these children had someone who would give anything to hold them just one more time. Each of these children were stolen from all of us, they each would have brought something to this world to make it a little better. Each one stolen to fulfill someones sick desires. The tragedy of these loses should remain forever burned into our minds. We should always remember that there are people out there who given the chance will steal the lives of those we hold dear. We should all remember that though these children may not have been known to us personally, each and everyone of them is a warning we cannot ignore, if we do this memorial will continue to grow.

Just because tonight the child you love is safe at home in their bed, remember tomorrow is another day! Help us prevent more children from having their picture posted here!


 Adam Walsh

1974 - 1981

On July 27, 1981, Walsh's mother, Revé, let Adam watch a small group of older boys play video games at a Sears store in Hollywood, Florida while she walked a few aisles away to shop for a lamp. When Revé returned to the video game section about seven minutes later, Adam and the group of boys were gone.

There are claims that a security guard threw the children out of the store for bickering over the video game. It is suspected that Adam was abducted near the front exterior of the store after the other boys left.
Adam's severed head was found by two fishermen in a Vero Beach, canal on 10 August 1981. The rest of his remains were not recovered. The coroner ruled that the cause of Adam's death was asphyxiation, so the decapitation was an afterthought, perhaps intended to render his remains unidentifiable or the cause of his death indeterminable.


Adam's kidnapping and murder prompted John Walsh to become an advocate for victims rights and helped to spur the formation of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). As a result of his advocacy, he was approached to host the television program America's Most Wanted.

The Code Adam program for helping lost children in department stores is named in Walsh's memory. The U.S. Congress passed the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act on July 25, 2006, and President Bush signed it into law on July 27, 2006. The signing ceremony took place on the South Lawn of the White House, where leaders from both sides of the political spectrum joined John and Revé Walsh. The bill institutes a national database of convicted child molesters, and increases penalties for sexual and violent offenses against children.[6] It also creates a RICO cause of action for child predators and those who conspire with them.[7]


  • John Walsh himself was fingered by authorities as a prime suspect as the police investigation started to become exhausted. After about a week, he was later absolved of any foul play following a highly emotional press statement that was televised nationally.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer, arrested in Wisconsin in 1991 after killing more than a dozen men and boys, was also named as a suspect in the Walsh murder. Some have suggested a Dahmer link to the case for many years, but the allegations earned widespread publicity only in early 2007. Dahmer was living in Miami Beach at the time Adam was murdered, and two eyewitnesses placed Dahmer at the shopping mall on the day Adam was abducted. One of the witnesses claimed to have seen a strange man walking into the Sears toy department where Adam was abducted. The other said that he saw a young, blond man with a protruding chin throw a struggling child into a blue van and speed off. Both witnesses recognized the man they had seen as Dahmer when pictures of him were released in the newspapers after his arrest. Recent reports have also shown that the delivery shop where Dahmer worked had a blue van at the time. Dahmer preyed on young men and boys (the youngest being eight years older than Adam), and his modus operandi included severing his victims' heads. Since this rumor surfaced, John Walsh has said that he has "seen no evidence linking his son's unsolved kidnapping and slaying to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer."[8]
  • Ottis Toole repeatedly confessed and then retracted accounts of his involvement. Toole, allegedly a confidante of convicted serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, was never charged in the Walsh case, even though he provided seemingly accurate descriptions as to how he had committed the crime. Several witnesses also place Toole in the Hollywood area in the days leading up to Walsh's disappearance. Police investigated Toole for the Walsh murder but lost important evidence in the case, including the bloodstained carpet from Toole's Cadillac.[3] In September 1996, Toole died in prison aged 49 of cirrhosis of the liver while serving a life sentence for other crimes.[4] Afterwards, Toole's niece told John Walsh that her uncle made a deathbed confession to the murder of Adam.[4][9] Toole's confession, however, had been viewed as reliable having, since he and Henry Lucas confessed to or implicated themselves in more than 200 different homicides, most of which they accurately described details only the culprit would know.[10]

In 1997, Hollywood Police Chief Rick Stone conducted an exhaustive review of the Adam Walsh case after the release of John Walsh's book. At the time, Stone was a 22-year veteran of the Dallas, Texas and Wichita, Kansas police departments and had just been appointed Hollywood's chief of police in the previous year. Although the crime was decades old at the time of Chief Stone's review, he provided an analysis of the evidence, including reviewing taped interrogations of Ottis Toole by Hollywood Police Detective Mark Smith. Stone says his review found evidence to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Toole murdered Adam Walsh. Both Toole and his close friend, convicted serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, were notorious, Stone noted, for confessing to crimes they committed and recanting.[11]

Case closed in 2008

Although no new evidence was presented, on December 16, 2008, the Hollywood, Florida, Police Chief Chad Wagner announced, with John Walsh present, that the case was now closed. An external review of the case had been conducted and police announced that they were satisfied that Ottis Toole was the murderer.[3][10][12]


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Airis Estrella Enriquez Pando 

1998 - 2005

Seven-year old Airis was reported missing by her parents on May 2 from the Mexican town of Ciudad Juarez, near the United States border. Despite a large-scale search operation and distribution of flyers on both sides of the border, no information about her whereabouts was uncovered for two weeks, when police discovered her body in a barrel, covered with cement. She had been sexually abused and beaten. Forensic evidence suggests that three people are responsible for her death. Her case is not isolated; there have been many other similar cases in the town in recent months and there have been calls from many organizations, including UNICEF for authorities to take more substantive action to end the killings.

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Alejandra Gutierrez 

Ten-year old Alejandra was last seen leaving her home to go to her school bus stop. She never arrived at the bus stop or at school. Family members began calling around to try and locate her when she did not arrive home at 4 pm as she usually did. Police were not contacted until 9 pm after her mother returned home from work. Failure by Alejandra’s school to phone her home when she did not turn up for school resulted in an eleven-hour delay before search efforts began. Ten days after her disappearance, police found Alejandra’s body in a rural area about fifty miles south of Fort Wayne. Investigators found the site based on the testimony of 33-year old Simon Rios, in custody for the murder of his wife and three children a few days after Alejandra’s disappearance. Rios lived close to the bus stop from which Alejandra vanished.

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Alice Pereia

1967 - 1972


Five-year old Alice was last seen playing with her brother in the lobby of their apartment building. She vanished when her brother turned away for a minute. Although police have no definite leads in her disappearance, they suspect Andre Rand, a murderer and sex offender who was living in the area. He was also suspected in the disappearances of Tiahease Jackson Audrey Lynn Nerenberg  and Holly Hughes , but did not stand trial because he was ruled mentally incompetent. In 2000, though, he was convicted of the 1987 murder of twelve-year old Jennifer Schweiger  and he was finally convicted of kidnapping Holly Hughes  in October 2004. The sentences, to run consecutively, virtually guarantee that Rand will die in prison.

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Alyssa Presti

1991 - 2004

Trial against Lowell man in 2 deaths begins  

By Brian R. Ballou, Globe Staff  |  March 1, 2007 

CAMBRIDGE -- Twelve-year-old Alyssa Presti fought for her life against the man she had just witnessed brutalize her mother, but the attacker overpowered her and slashed her neck, leaving the barefoot fifth-grader bleeding to death in her bedroom, a prosecutor said yesterday during opening statements in the double-murder trial of Michael Bizanowicz. 

"It appears as if Alyssa Presti had heard something downstairs and interrupted the crime against her mother," said Middlesex Assistant District Attorney Adrienne Lynch , as she stood in front of a jury at Middlesex Superior Courthouse in Cambridge. "Alyssa Presti put up a struggle -- she did not go easily." 

Bizanowicz , 44, of Lowell, has pleaded not guilty to killing Alyssa and her mother, Joanne C. Presti , 34, on Jan. 5, 2004, in Presti's Totman Drive home in Woburn. But Lynch said Bizanowicz is linked to the crime by DNA evidence taken from both bodies, including semen found on Joanne Presti, whom he is accused of raping. 

His lawyer, Stanley Norkunas, said yesterday that Bizanowicz and Presti had consensual sex and that the other evidence is circumstantial. 

Bizanowicz is the father of a young girl whose mother, Bobbi Jo Miller, was a close friend of Joanne Presti. Miller lived three houses away from Presti, and Bizanowicz occasionally stayed at Miller's residence. 

His arrest prompted a revision last year of the Commonwealth's sex offender laws. He was convicted of raping a child in 1989 and registered as a Level 3 sex offender in Lowell. Bizanowicz, however, was not required to register in Woburn. The new law requires registered sex offenders to give a secondary address -- defined as a place the offender lives for 14 days a year. Annette and Peter Presti, Joanne's parents, lobbied for strengthening the law after the slayings. 

Yesterday, Bizanowicz sat next to his lawyer as Lynch faced the jurors and said "the person responsible is someone known to them, who lived in the neighborhood, was a guest in their home, in the past dated a good friend of the family. The person responsible for this horrible crime is the defendant, Michael Bizanowicz." 

Joanne Presti's parents, three brothers, and about a dozen other relatives and friends sat motionless as Lynch went through the prosecution's time line of events. Lynch pinpointed droplets of blood found throughout the house by investigators and described the discovery of the bodies by Joanne Presti's parents, three days after the slayings. 

Woburn police and State Police investigators interviewed and collected fingerprints from the fathers of Joanne Presti's three children, the landlord of the home, and other acquaintances, but it wasn't until investigators developed a roll of film found at the house and saw a photo of Bizanowicz that they included him in their investigation. 

Bizanowicz told police that he was home watching television when Presti was killed and that he knew her through his girlfriend, Miller. He told investigators he had been at Presti's house in late 2003 to do some work on her cable- TV hookup , Lynch said yesterday. 

On her last day alive, Joanne Presti shopped for groceries and visited Miller for about 15 minutes. From Miller's house, Presti went home and chatted online with friends for about an hour and a half. She then placed a call to her landlord about a plumbing problem, Lynch said. 

On Jan. 16, 2004, investigators discovered that a sample of semen, taken from Joanne Presti's body matched Bizanowicz's DNA, Lynch said. Bizanowicz was arrested and investigators searched his apartment and truck, finding a suicide note and rope that matched fibers found on Presti's wrists. 

In the note, dated Jan. 5, the same day as the homicides, Bizanowicz tells his young daughter that people would say he did bad things, Lynch said. 

Bizanowicz's lawyer said authorities focused solely on his client in attempting to make a DNA match. 

"It's not reliable evidence to resolve this case," said Norkunas, who added that other evidence, including a boot imprint taken from the crime scene, was forgotten by investigators. In the suicide letter, his client was referring to previous events in his life, he added.

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Amanda Brown 

1991 - 1998


FL v. Crain: Is a convicted child molester a murderer?      

TAMPA, Fla. (Court TV) — When Kathy Hartman awoke in the early hours of September 11, 1998, her 7-year-old daughter, Amanda Brown, was gone — and so was her date from the night before. Willie Crain, Jr., a convicted child molester who spent that evening with Hartman in her trailer, was charged with first-degree felony murder and kidnapping in the disappearance and presumed death of Hartman's little girl.

Though Amanda's body has never been found, prosecutor Jay Pruner contends that the evidence, primarily obtained from Crain's mobile home, proves Crain is guilty of Amanda's abduction and death.

Authorities say that blood found on the outside of Crain's underwear, in two places on the toilet seat and on a tissue retrieved from the toilet is consistent with Amanda's. Except for the blood on Crain's underwear, which was a single type, the other samples were a mixture of two — consistent with both his and Amanda's DNA.

In addition, authorities say they were suspicious when they found Crain, a crabber, on his boat the day of the disappearance with several long, fresh scratches on his upper arms. Prosecutors also point out that traces of bleach were discovered on the floor of Crain's bedroom, suggesting that he tried to destroy blood evidence. Crain does not deny that he scrubbed his room, but says it had nothing to do with a crime.

Crain insists that he left Hartman's trailer alone at about 2:30 a.m. and that he has no idea what happened to Amanda "The last time I saw that girl," he told the St. Petersburg Times, "she was sleeping right next to her momma."

Hartman admits that she allowed Crain, whom she had just met the day before at a local honky-tonk, to sleep over at her trailer — in her bed with Amanda lying between them. She says that Crain purposely gave her several Valium tablets and when she woke up early the next morning, Amanda and Crain were gone. Hartman defends her actions by saying that Crain told her he was too drunk to drive home that night.

The defense's position is that Crain had no motive — and with a missing body, no proof exists that a murder occurred.

Despite the fact that Crain has a 30-year history involving the abuse and molestation of children, jurors will not hear about his prior acts unless he testifies in his defense or he is convicted. If jurors do find him guilty, his history could be admitted during the punishment phase of the trial. In Florida, a jury suggests a sentence, but the judge is not bound by their recommendation.

Records show that Crain pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual battery involving girls under the age of 11. A 1985 police report details the way that Crain befriended one woman just so that the could get close to, and eventually molest, her 7-year-old daughter. The girl, who endured years of abuse, said that one day Crain beat her legs with a gun, then raped and threatened to shoot her because he disapproved of her clothing.

Though Crain was sentenced to 20 years in prison, he served only six. Just one year later, a judge granted his defense attorney's request to convert Crain's strict community supervision to probation.

Sadly, Crain committed his crimes before new laws were adopted to prohibit early termination of probation for sex offenders — laws which would have made it impossible for him to serve less than 85 percent of his sentence.

Crain also failed to fall under Florida's Sexual Predator's Act — the state's version of Megan's Law — because his crime was committed before July 1996. If the statute were in effect at the time of Crain's conviction, his name and address would be on the Internet and area schools and day care centers would have been notified in writing.

In fact, Crain was arrested the week following Amanda's disappearance on charges that he raped two sisters almost 30 years ago. Crain was charged with Amanda's murder after he was jailed for the rape allegations.

Crain's defense team had requested a change of venue due to massive publicity about the case. Judge Barbara Fleischer denied the request, saying she would only reconsider if they had difficulty with jury selection.

If convicted of first degree murder, Crain could face the death penalty.

The Verdict

Florida jurors convicted Crain of first-degree murder and kidnapping in Amanda Brown's presumed death. The panel later recommended the death penalty, a sentence formally handed to Crain on November 19, 1999.

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Amanda “Milly” Dowler  

1988 - 2002

13-year old Milly Dowler went missing in March 2002 when she was walking home from the local train station. Her remains were found in a nearby field six months later. The police have interviewed a number of people regarding her disappearance and analyzed CCTV footage, but have no strong leads leading to her murderer. DNA found at the scene of a burglary at a church in Sunderland matched DNA found on Milly’s clothing, but in spite of testing of men in the area, no match has been found. In September 2005, police arrested a 57-year registered sex offender in connection with Milly’s death.

Man arrested over Millie Dowler murder
UK News
News Headlines

Tuesday, 20th September 2005, 09:37

Category: Crime and Punishment

A 57 year old registered sex offender has been arrested by police investigating the shocking murder of schoolgirl Millie Dowler three years to the day her body was found.

The man from greater London who is being quizzed by police about the 13 year old's murder in May 2002 was arrested this morning. 

A Surrey police spokeswoman said: "We have arrested a man who is known to police as a sex offender. 

"He is being questioned about his whereabouts at the time Millie disappeared. 

"We have spoken to the same man once before in May 2002 about Millie's disappearance. 

"Surrey police have also carried out a full search of the man's home which has now finished." 

Millie's distraught aunt, Marilyn Gilbertson said: "I know all about the arrest this but right now I'm too upset to speak about this." 

Millie went missing on March 21, 2002, after catching a train from her school in Weybridge, Surrey, to her home in Walton. 

Police later said a witness had seen two men with a girl in school uniform 300 yards from where her remains were found. 

Until now her killer or killers have never been caught despite repeated police appeals 

Copyright © 2006 National News +44(0)207 684 3000 

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Amber Hagerman 

1986 - 1996

On January 13, 1996, 9-year-old Amber Hagerman was riding her bicycle in Arlington, Texas, when a neighbor heard her scream. The neighbor saw a man pull Amber off her bike, throw her into the front seat of his pickup truck, and drive away at a high rate of speed. The neighbor called police and provided a description of the suspect and his vehicle. Arlington Police and the FBI interviewed other neighbors and searched for the suspect and vehicle. Local radio and television stations covered the story in their regular newscasts. Four days later Amber’s body was found in a drainage ditch four miles away. Her kidnapping and murder still remain unsolved.

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Amy Williams

1990 - 2004

 Fourteen-year old Amy left a Christmas party at her uncle’s home at 9 pm on Boxing Day. The girl, who was six months pregnant, was later captured on closed-circuit television cameras in the town at 10:31 pm. She never arrived home. Her body, naked except for her socks, was found in a nearby graveyard the next morning. Her killer had carefully placed her hands in her lap and brushed her hair. Her clothes were not to be found. An autopsy showed that she had been strangled. Police initially held on local man for four days for questioning in connection with her disappearance, but he was later released without charge. Subsequently, police arrested 42-year old Philip Raymond Powell and charged him with sexually assaulting the girl and then murdering her.

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Angela Bugay 

1978 - 1983

Five-year old Angela vanished after accompanying her brother who wanted to retrieve his boots from their home. A week after her disappearance, her body was found in a shallow grave several miles from her home. Larry Christopher Graham, a former boyfriend of Angela’s mother, soon became a suspect in her disappearance, but was not initially charged for lack of evidence. In 1996, after DNA testing techniques were improved, he was charged with her murder. In 2003, he was sentenced to death for her killing.

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Annamarie Randazzo 

1987 - 2005

Seventeen-year old Annamarie was last seen with friends at a cinema in Cape Coral, Florida. She has not been seen or heard from since. Her family initially thought that she may have gone to see a male friend in nearby Lehigh Acres. When her father later confronted people he thought were acquainted with her in Lehigh Acres, he was attacked and began receiving threatening phone calls. Annamarie’s car was found in flames the next evening. It appears as though the fire was intentionally set. After an intense search effort, her body was discovered two weeks later. An autopsy determined that she had been raped and beaten to death with a blunt object. 23-year old Jeremy Chapman and 17-year old Joshua Henninger have been charged with abduction, rape, murder and arson. Henninger has allegedly confessed to the crimes and reportedly told police that the killing had been planned.

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Anthony Michael Martinez 

1987 - 1997

Anthony, 10, was last seen playing in front of his home in Beaumont, California on April 4, 1997. A man approached and asked Anthony and the children with him if they would help him find a lost cat. He offered to pay them to do so. When the children all refused, the man abducted Anthony at knife-point and forced him into a vehicle.
Sixteen days later, Anthony's body was found north of Indio, California, on Berdoo Canyon Road, 110 miles from Beaumont. His body was nude and duct-taped at the wrists and ankles, and partially covered with rocks. He had been raped and beaten to death. As of April 2004, the man who kidnapped him has not been identified and Anthony's murder remains unsolved.

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Ashley Marie Pond 

1989 - 2002

 Ashley vanished on her way to school on January 9, 2002. She lived near and was a friend of Miranda Gaddis , who went missing two months later. Her body was found on August 24, 2002, under a concrete slab at the home of Ward Weaver. Ward, who allegedly has a history of violence and abuse has been charged with her murder and with sexually assaulting her. Pond previously had a close relationship with Ward and his daughter until she accused him of sexually abusing her in summer 2001. Forensic tests have determined that Ashley had been drinking heavily before her death. In September, 2004, Weaver pleaded guilty to seventeen counts, including rape, sexual abuse, murder and abuse of a corpse. His guilty plea allows him to escape the death penalty.

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Barbara Jean Horn 

1983 - 1988

Four-year old Barbara was playing outside when she was lured into the house of Walter Ogrod, who lived across the street from her, with the promise of some candy. When she got inside, Ogrod tried to sexually assault her. When she started to scream, he hit her over the head with an iron bar from a weightlifting set. He stuffed her body into a plastic bag and put it into a box, which he carried around the corner and placed in front of a house for garbage pickup. A curious resident found the body when he investigated the box after noticing that it had been placed on the curb after the collection had already taken place.

The case was not solved for more than four years, until Ogrod confessed to the crime after being interrogated by police. He later confessed to another inmate in jail. His first trial nearly resulted in an acquittal, but an eleventh hour change of heart by one of the jurors resulted in a mistrial. Ogrod was convicted of murder in his second trial and sentenced to death. In 2004, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the death sentence and rejected Ogrod’s request for re-sentencing.

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Brenda Baker 

1959 - 1974

Fifteen-year old Brenda ran away from home in late May. A few weeks later, on June 17, her body was found in Millersylvania State Park. She had to be identified through dental records due to the advance state of decomposition of her body. Serial killer Ted Bundy later admitted to killing her.

Brenda, 15, ran away from her home in Redmond, Washington on May 25, 1974. On June 17, her body was found in Millersylvania State Park. It was so decomposed, it had to be identified through dental records.
Serial killer Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy later told an FBI agent that he had murdered Brenda. Bundy killed scores of young women in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Florida. He confessed to many murders before his death and is suspected of many more. Among his victims were
Laura Aime , Lynette Culver , Debra Kent , Kimberly Leach , Melissa Smith, and many adult women. Bundy escaped from jail in Colorado while he was on trial for a murder he committed there. He traveled to Florida, where he killed four women. Sentenced to death in that state, he was executed on January 24, 1989.

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Britney Binger 

1989 - 2005

Sixteen-year old Britney was attacked late at night as she walked on a well-frequented path between two mobile home parks where she lived. She was raped and sodomized, then strangled to death. Based upon DNA evidence found under Britney’s fingernails and on a bottle discarded nearby as well as images from a surveillance camera in a convenience store the night of the assault, police eventually narrowed the field of suspects to 34-year old Oswaldo Martinez, an illegal worker from El Salvador. They have charged Oswald, who is a deaf-mute, with capitol murder, sodomy and rape.

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Brittany Hendrickson 

1996 - 2004

Seven-year old Brittany was thrown into an abandoned well and left to die after she was raped and beaten by 29-year old Fred Mundt, her mother’s boyfriend. Several large rocks were thrown on top of her to silence her screams as she struggled to save herself from drowning. Mundt, who was later arrested in connection with her death, phoned his brother and instructed him to destroy evidence he had left at his home. Despite these attempts to destroy evidence, prosecutors found both Mundt’s and Brittany’s blood on one of his shirts as well as his blood and semen on her corpse. Fred Mundt has been convicted of first degree murder.

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Brittany Locklear 

1993 - 1998

Brittany, 5, was last seen alive on January 7, 1998, as she waited in front of her house on Gainey Road in Hoke County, North Carolina for the school bus to pick her up. When her mother relaized she hadn't gotten on the bus, a search was launched. Brittany's clothes were found about three hours later in the woods a few miles away. The next day, her nude body was found in a drainage ditch on a farm road about three miles from her home. She had been raped and thrown into the ditch to drown.
Brittany was a kindergartener at the time of her murder. She was Native American, of the Lumbee tribe. She enjoyed wearing colorful clothes and watching the TV show "Barney;" she even named her dog after Barney. As of April 2004, her murder remains unsolved.

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Carlie Jane Brucia 
1992 - 2004

On Sunday, February 1, 2004, in Sarasota, Florida, 11-year-old Carlie Jane Brucia was on her way home from a sleepover at her friend's house. Her step-father, Steve Kansler, was on his way to pick her up in route but never found her. Carlie, deciding to cut through a car wash not far from her home, was approached by a man and led away, never to be seen alive again.

The surveillance camera at the car wash showed a man in a uniform type shirt approaching Carlie, saying something to her, and then leading her away. NASA, with technology used in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, assisted the investigation by working with the video to enhance the image. The FBI also worked to help find Brucia and the man who abducted her.

After receiving tips as to the identification of the man, the Sarasota police questioned Joseph P. Smith, who had been in their custody since the day after Carlie was abducted on an unrelated parole violation charge. A woman who said she lived with Smith was one of the tipsters who contacted the police. Smith refused to admit to any involvement with Carlie Brucia's disappearance until Thursday, February 5, when he finally told investigators where he hid her body.

On February 6, it was announced that Carlie Brucia's body had been found. She had been murdered and left in a church parking lot just miles from her home.

Joseph P Smith, a 37-year old car mechanic and father of three who had been arrested at least 13 times in Florida since 1993, and had been previously charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment, was held in custody as the main suspect in the murder of Carlie Brucia.

On February 20, Smith was indicted on a first-degree murder and separate charges of kidnapping and capital sexual battery were filed by the Florida attorney's office.

Friends and family of Carlie Brucia described her as a beautiful young girl who loved going the mall, loved Jennifer Lopez, enjoyed time with her friends and loved her cat named Charlie.

Tiffany Meeks described her friend Carlie to Fox News as,"...loving and caring. She doesn't like to see other people hurt. She'd be really crying if this was one of us or someone else she knows."

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Caroline Dickenson 

1983 - 1996

Thirteen-year old Caroline Dickinson was on her first school summer camp in Pleine Fougères, France in 1996 when she was raped and strangled in her hostel. Dickinson’s mother, who had been concerned about her shy daughter on her first extended stay from home, had been relieved to hear her daughter cheerful and excited about the trip earlier in the day. Her dead body was found by other students in the hostel the next morning. Francisco Arce Montes, a Spanish man with a history of sexual assaults had entered the unlocked hostel in the night and assaulted Caroline. He later bragged about the encounter to his mates. After eluding police for years, he was finally apprehended in Florida, where he had been detained for another sexual assault. Arce Montes was sentenced to thirty years in a French court in June 2004 for Dickinson’s rape and murder.

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Cary Ann Medlin 

1971 - 1979

Cary Ann, 8, was abducted from Greenfield, Tennessee on September 1, 1979. She was riding her bicycle with her brother when she was approached by a man who said he wanted to speak to her father. Cary Ann got into the man's car, leaving her bike with her brother, and was never seen alive again. Twenty hours later, her body was found in a soybean field ten miles from her home. She had been raped, strangled and stabbed to death.
Police arrested Robert Glen Coe three days later. He admitted to the crime and said that, as he was stabbing her, Cary Ann told him Jesus loved him. Coe, a paranoid schizophrenic, pleaded insanity but was convicted of killing Cary Ann anyway and was sentenced to death. He was executed on April 19, 2000. Cary Ann's mother was present but Coe did not apologize to her before
he died.

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Cassandra Williamson 

1996 - 2002

6-year old Casey Williamson was killed on July 26, 2002, allegedly by Johnny Johnson, a drifter who was staying with her family. She was abducted from the family home while her father was in the bathroom. He later emerged from the bathroom to find both of them missing. Johnson returned later alone, saying he had gone swimming. Her body was later found in an abandoned factory after Johnson led police to it. Johnson admitted that he smashed her head with bricks after she resisted his attempts to rape her. In January 2005, a jury convicted Johnson of first degree murder and recommended that he receive the death penalty despite defense claims that Johnson had diminished mental capacity and was therefore unable to consider the consequences of his actions.

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Cecil Turner 

1994 - 1996

Cecil, 2, nicknamed CT, was discovered missing from his home in Orange County, California on August 12, 1996. His parents had put him to bed the night before, and found he was not in his bedroom the next morning. Police believe his stepfather left the door open when he went out to jog early that morning, and CT wandered out.
The next day, CT's naked body was found in a creek bed not far from his home. He had been asphyxiated. As of April 2004, his murder remains unsolved.

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Charles Chia 


Siblings Charles, 8, and Jennifer Chia , 6, were last seen on October 18, 1989 near their home in southwest Reno, Nevada. They left their school bus and began walking towards their apartment at the Timber Hills apartment complex, but never made it. On July 25, 1990, the children's remains were found buried in a shallow grave fifty miles from Reno, next to Highway 70 near Portola, California. There were no obvious signs of trauma to their bodies, meaning Jennifer and Charles were probably asphyxiated in some way.
As of April 2004, their murders remain unsolved.

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Chelsea Brooks 

1991 - 2006

Fourteen-year old Chelsea, who was nine months pregnant at the time she vanished, was last seen at her home. She was not seen again alive. Ten days after her disappearance, her partially-buried body was found in a wheat field. Police believe that 17-year old Everett Gentry was hired to kill Chelsea by 20-year old Elgin “Ray Ray” Robinson and 49-year old Theodore Burnett. All three have been charged with premeditated murder. Burnett and Robinson have also been charged with kidnapping. Robinson is believed to be the father of Chelsea’s unborn child. Robinson was a basketball coach at Chelsea’s school and the two allegedly began a relationship when she was thirteen. Several of her friends knew about the relationship and she apparently also divulged to him who the father of her child was. Robinson reportedly wanted her dead so that she would not reveal his identity and cause him problems with the law.

More charges in Chelsea Brooks' murder

Two more people have been charged in the murder of a pregnant Wichita teen. 20-year-old Elgin "Ray Ray" Robinson is charged with the premeditated murder of 14-year-old Chelsea Brooks. Robinson is also charged with unlawful sexual intercourse and violating a protection from abuse order. Brooks' family says Robinson is the father of Chelsea's unborn child. 49-year-old Theodore G. Burnett is also charged with premeditated murder as well as kidnapping. We do not know Burnett's connection to Chelsea. 17-year-old Everett Gentry is charged with premeditated murder in Brooks' death. The criminal complaint alleges that Gentry killed Chelsea on June 9th as part of a murder-for-hire contract. The teenager's body was found in Butler County, north of Andover last week. It also claims the girl was strangled. The document says nothing about Chelsea's unborn child. She was nine months pregnant at the time of her death. Prosecutors say they will seek to have Gentry tried as an adult.

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Cherie Morrisette 

1985 - 1996

Eleven-year old Cherie was last seen by her sister when she left home after an argument. At the time, her mother was not at home. Six days later, her body was found about ten miles away floating in the St. Johns River. Initially her death was ruled accidental as her body was fully clothed and there were no bruises or signs of trauma, but laboratory tests later discovered semen in her panties. In 2006, 43-year old Robert Shelton Mitchell was arrested in connection with Cherie’s death. His involvement was discovered through a national DNA database. Whilst he has reportedly confessed to raping Cherie, he denies killing her. 

Sex Offender Arrested in 1996 Fla. Death

Mar 16th - 6:36pm

Associated Press Writer

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - A database of DNA from convicted sex offenders has linked a Connecticut man to the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl in Florida almost 10 years ago, police said Thursday.

Robert S. Mitchell, 43, was being held on $5 million bail after being arraigned Thursday as a fugitive from justice. He waived extradition, and will face first-degree murder and sexual battery charges in the death of sixth-grader Cherie Morrisette, police said.

Liz Walters said she had been waiting nearly a decade to find out what happened to her daughter. "There's no such thing as safe neighborhoods," she told The St. Augustine Record on Thursday. "Things happen everywhere."

Connecticut state troopers and New Britain police said DNA from a national database allegedly linked Mitchell to the girl's death.

Cherie's body was found Dec. 8, 1996, in the St. John's River about 10 miles from the apartment she shared with her family in Jacksonville, Fla.

At the time, Mitchell lived in a nearby town, police said.

Connecticut authorities obtained a DNA sample from Mitchell after he was convicted in 2003 of illegal sexual contact with a child, according to state records. In June 2004, Mitchell was placed on the Connecticut sex offender list after his release from prison.

A DNA sample taken from Cherie's body matched the DNA taken from Mitchell, police said, starting a process of retesting that led to his arrest.



Associated Press Writer Ron Word in Jacksonville, Fla., contributed to this report.

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Christal Jean Jones 

1985 - 2001

Christal, 16, was in the custody of the Vermont Social and Rehabilitation Services when she died in an apartment in the Bronx, New York City, on January 3, 2001. She was apparently part of a prostitution ring, composed of runaways from foster care and run by Jose Rodriguez and Beverly Holland, who are now awaiting trial for promoting prostitution and supplying minors with heroin. Rodriguez is also charged with statutory rape. Neither have been charged in connection with Christal's death.
Christal had been strangled, and trace amounts of several drugs were also found in her blood at autopsy. One of the drugs was GHB, a so-called "date rape" drug that lowers a woman's inhibitions and makes her highly suggestible. Antidepressants and methadone were also found in her blood.
Christal was the product of a broken home but did fine until age 12, when she began sneaking out at night and misbehaving. Her mother put her in the custody of Social and Rehabilitation Services which put her in several foster homes. At age 14, Christal became pregnant and later miscarried. She would often run from her foster home back to her mother. She was played in an independent living program in 2000, but by then she was already involved with Rodriguez and nothing was done to help her. She ran away in September 2000 and was never seen alive again.
As of April 2004, Christal's murder remains unsolved.

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Christina Long 

1988 - 2002

Thirteen-year old Christina had moved to Connecticut to live with her aunt due to her parents’ substance abuse problems. Although she outwardly appeared to be a typical sixth-grader, receiving high marks in school, a popular cheerleader and active in her church, she spent her evenings in chat rooms meeting men and often meeting them in person for sex. One such encounter went horribly wrong and she was found in a ravine in Greenwich Connecticut. After searching her computer, authorities apprehended 25 year old Saul Dos Reis. He confessed to accidentally strangling her during sex and was charged with her murder.

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Christina Marie Williams 

1985 - 1998

Thirteen year-old Christina left to walk her dog on a balmy June evening. An hour later, her family, concerned that she had not yet returned, went out to search for her. They only found her dog trailing his leash. She had only been living in the United States for a short time. Born in Japan, she had always lived in the Far East as her father was in the Navy. In spite of a massive manhunt, she was not located until January 1999 when her remains were discovered. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a frightened Christina in a car with Asian abductors, but these leads have not led police to discover her abductors.

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Christina Tedder 

1992 - 2004

Twelve-year old Christina was last seen leaving her home on Christmas Eve to walk to a filling station 100 yards away to buy something in the shop. She never returned home. The shop assistant on duty at the time told police that she came in around eight o’clock in the evening and that after she left, he did not see where she went. After searching for several days, police discovered her body, clad only in her socks in a creek in neighboring Hancock County. They were led to the body by 39-year old Jeffrey Voss, a friend of the family who confessed to abducting and killing Christina after being interrogated by police. Voss has been charged with kidnapping and murder.

'Friend' Arrested in Hunt for Missing Girl

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 30, 2004 — Indiana police found a body today matching the description of a 12-year-old girl who has been missing since Christmas Eve, a day after they arrested a man and charged him with murder in the case.

A body matching the description of Christina Tedder was found in western Hancock County, just across the border with Marion County, according to investigators in the Marion County Sheriff's Department.

The identity of the body had not been confirmed, investigators said, and they declined to say exactly where the body was found — only that it was found outdoors — or to discuss the cause of death.

The discovery was announced at a news conference hours after investigators had announced an arrest in Tedder's disappearance.

Jeffrey Voss, 39, was charged with murder Wednesday, though police said they had not found the missing girl. Voss, who investigators said was a friend of the Tedder family, is due to make his first appearance in court today.

"We've worked around the clock to investigate a missing child by the name of Christina Tedder," Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson said at the earlier meeting with reporters. "At this time, I am pleased to announce that we have made an arrest and charged Jeffrey Voss with the preliminary charge of murder."

As he announced the discovery of a girl's body, the sheriff spoke even more confidently.

"With the vast amount of probable cause that our detectives have brought forth, I'm confident that we have the right person," Anderson said. "Let's not forget for one moment the tragedy this arrest suggests."

Tedder was last seen on Dec. 24, when she left her Indianapolis home to walk to a nearby gas station.

Investigators, who had earlier identified a convicted child molester who lived in the neighborhood as a person of interest in the case, declined to say what led them to Voss.

"I believe that the family has known him in the past and that is based on all we know," Deputy Chief Herman Humbles said.

A source familiar with the investigation told ABC News affiliate WRTV in Indianapolis that investigators found blood, hair and duct tape at the man's home.

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Voss, as he was being taken from the sheriff's department to the county jail, proclaimed his innocence and tried to reassure the girl's family.

"I did not hurt that little girl. I did not do anything to her," he said. "To Michelle [Christina's mother], I did not hurt her or do anything to your daughter."

Investigators said that they will be looking for help from Voss.

"We're hopeful that he will communicate with us and that he will cooperate with us," Humbles said.

Christina was last seen by her brother between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Friday, when she left their home at the Eastgate Terrace Apartments to go to a nearby Shell gas station.

The surveillance equipment at the gas station was not in use that night, WRTV reported. But nearby businesses and the apartment complex offered to provide investigators with their surveillance tapes, officials said.

Police said an Amber Alert was never issued in the case because it did not meet the criteria. Nobody witnessed a crime, which is needed to issue an alert.

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Cora Jean Jones 

1981 - 1994

Twelve-year old Cora was visiting her grandmother in the village of Rural, Wisconsin when she went for an afternoon bicycle ride by herself. Hours later, when she failed to return home, a massive search was mounted for her, but only her bicycle was found in a road not far from her grandmother’s house. The body of the girl, who had long feared being kidnapped, was found by hunters five days later, seventy-five miles from where her bicycle was found. Fifty-three year old David Spanbauer, a repeat violent offender was convicted of her abduction, rape and murder.

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Corrine Leanne Erstad 

1987 - 1992

Five-year old Corrine was last seen by her family walking to a nearby park to play. When her brothers went to join her five minutes later she was nowhere to be found. A child testified that he had seen her talking to a man and petting his dog but this account was never confirmed. Four days after her disappearance, family friend Robert Guevara, who often slept over at the family home in the same room as Corrine, was arrested and charged with her abduction rape and murder. A dress identical to the one she was wearing when she vanished as well as a pair of her panties was found amongst his personal belongings. Both were stained with blood and semen. Guevara’s defense argued that the evidence could have been planted by anybody since the locker in which they were found was not secure. Since Minnesota did not allow for full DNA testing in 1992, DNA evidence linking the bodily fluids to Guevara were inadmissible in court and Guevara was acquitted. Corrine’s body has never been found.

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Crystal Gayle Dittmeyer 

1984 - 1996

Twelve-year old Crystal vanished under mysterious circumstances in 1996. Witnesses last saw her at a swimming pool near her home the day she disappeared. Her stepfather, Benjamin Crider scratches and bite marks on his arm shortly after her disappearance, leading police to believe that he was involved in her disappearance. Her step-brother also testified that he had seen her body lying on a bed the same day, but that later the body had vanished. Although no body was ever discovered, a jury convicted Crider of her murder and he was sentence to life in prison in 1999. His conviction, however, was overturned on appeal. A second trial that began in October 2004 was ruled a mistrial by a judge after Crider’s attorney mentioned that a pair of Crystal’s panties found in the house contained semen not connected to Crider in violation of a court order. Crider now awaits a third trial.

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Cynteria Kimberly Phillips 

1986 - 2000

Thirteen-year old Cynteria was last seen at a residential home for runaways on the evening of August 14, 2000, inviting her friends there to a party. That was the last time any of them saw her alive. The next day, her dead body was found in an alley near a Miami high school. She had been brutally beaten and sexually assaulted. Cynteria’s short life was full of tragedy. She was taken from her drug addicted parents at a very young age. Shortly after her father was given custody of her at the age of five, she was again removed after evidence of sexual abuse emerged. She then bounced from foster home to foster home, in many of these situations further sexually abused. The last seven months of her life, Cynteria chose not to stay in the foster homes to which she had been subjected, instead drifting in and out of the Miami Bridge home for runaways. Some of her acquaintances said that she had an older boyfriend, but police were unable to find him or anybody else who might know about who was responsible for her death. Her murder remains unsolved.

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Dalton Mesarchik 

1996 - 2003

Dalton, 7, was abducted from in front of his house in Streator, Illinois on the evening of March 26, 2003. He had been waiting for a van to come pick him up for the church youth program. The next day, his body was found two miles away in the Vermilion River. He had been beaten to death with a three-pound Benchtop Pro sledgehammer, which is sold only at K-Mart. Police have a suspect in Dalton's death but have not named him or charged him. As of April 2004, his murder remains under investigation.

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Danielle Van Dam 

1994 - 2002

Seven-year old Danielle was abducted from her home on the night of February 2, 2002. Her decomposing body was found three weeks later in a remote desert region of San Diego County. David Westerfield, a neighbor and family acquaintance has been convicted to death for her murder. Danielle’s blood and hair were found in his house and mobile home. He has shown no remorse and offered no apology.

Judge sentences van Dam killer to death 

'You are a heartless, empty shell' 

Tuesday, January 7, 2003 Posted: 2:15 PM EST (1915 GMT)

 SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) -- Showing no emotion and turning aside a plea for an apology, David Westerfield was sentenced to death Friday for the slaying of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam. 
The twice-divorced father of two who was convicted last year of kidnapping and murdering his 7-year-old neighbor declined to make a statement as Superior Court Judge William Mudd made the ruling.  

Westerfield was unable to make eye contact with Brenda van Dam, Danielle's mother, who called him an evil "monster" who deserved execution.  

"Our precious Danielle was taken by a monster thinking only of self-gratification," Brenda van Dam said.  

She looked directly at Westerfield, who did not look back. He remained still.  

"You sat by smugly as thousands of people frantically searched for Danielle and her family," Brenda van Dam said. "It disgusts me that your sick fantasies and your pitiful needs made you feel you needed her more than her family ...  

"You do not deserve any leniency, any mercy, because you refused to give it to Danielle."  

Crime and evidence 

Danielle was taken from her family's home in suburban San Diego last February. Nearly a month later, her nude body was found along a remote Southern California highway 25 miles away. Prosecutors said the girl had been assaulted.  

Westerfield, a 50-year-old engineer and a neighbor of the van Dam family, was convicted by a six-man, six-woman jury last August.  

The evidence presented in the trial included what prosecutors said was Danielle's blood on his jacket and her fingerprints and DNA in his house and mobile home.

 The jury recommended a death sentence, but Westerfield's attorneys asked for life in prison instead. Defense attorney Steven Feldman argued Friday that two officers violated Westerfield's constitutional rights in the course of the investigation.

 Prosecutors said some evidence against Westerfield was not presented in the trial because of the improper behavior of the two officers.

 Speaking from the bench, Mudd said, "The defendant suffered absolutely no, zero, zip, nada prejudice in this trial as a result of the conduct of these officers,"

 Feldman also complained that the media "turns capital murder trials into summer entertainment," and he argued that public pressure must not influence the judge's decision.

 "I ask you, don't be swayed by the lynch mob mentality we've seen in our community," he said. Feldman also claimed there were mitigating factors in Westerfield's background, which the prosecution denied.


Mother hopes inmates make Westerfield suffer

 When Mudd asked Westerfield if he'd like to make a statement, he replied, "No sir, thank you."

 The judge rejected the defense's motion minutes before sentencing Westerfield.

 "Based on a careful and an independent reweighing of the evidence, the court finds that the weight of the evidence ... supports the jury's verdict of death," he said.

Westerfield, who was divorced from his wife in 1996, has two grown children. They had asked the jury to spare their father's life.

Brenda van Dam spoke of them as she directed her words at Westerfield. "You have a daughter of your own," she said. "You will miss all of the good times in her life. You have victimized your own children just because you wanted mine. Although your children may try to move and change their names, they will always live with the fact that their father is a cold-blooded killer."

"What were you thinking as you killed her?" she asked. "Did she not touch your heart one bit? If not, you are a heartless, empty shell."

Damon van Dam, Danielle's father, also cried as he described his anguish. "All I'll have are the memories of her, some old pictures and videos and dreams of her which I hope are always as vivid as they are now. And having to know how brutal the last hours of her life were, my heart and my wife's heart have been broken and my other two children have been deeply hurt."

Danielle van Dam was found dead 25 miles away from her family home.

Friday's sentencing of Westerfield ended one chapter of what was the first of many high-profile cases of missing children found dead in the United States last year.

But Westerfield's sentence does not close the case entirely: under California law, the death sentence will automatically be appealed. Regardless of the outcome of an appeal, it is most likely that Westerfield will spend the rest of his life in prison. California's Department of Corrections lists 612 inmates currently on that state's death row.

Additionally, Westerfield's appeal is expected to take years. In the meantime, he will be housed in San Quentin prison.

Outside the courtroom after the trial, Brenda van Dam spoke repeatedly of the treatment she hopes Westerfield will receive from other inmates.

"I hope that he suffers twice, three times, 10 times the pain and fear that he put my daughter through before he dies."

She later said she does not mean for inmates to do anything illegal, but just to make their opinions clear.

The van Dam parents Thursday filed a civil suit against Westerfield, which they said is aimed at sending a message of deterrence by making sure he does not profit from his case.

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Danydia Betty – Jacqueline Thompson  

1990 - 1997

Danydia, 7, disappeared from Marlboro Elementary School in Killeen, Texas on April 30, 1997. She was out on the playground with other children when she was lured away by an African-American male in his mid-twenties, who has never been identified. Danydia was last seen riding the man piggy-back, as he walked a few blocks away from the playground. On May 8, her body was found in a ditch alongside Highway 195, south of Killeen. As of April 2004, Danydia's murder remains unsolved.

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Debra Jean Kent 

1958 - 1974

Seventeen-year old Debby had attended a school at a high school. After the play, she offered to go pick up her brother who was at a nearby skating rink and then return to collect her parents. They waited until midnight, then proceeded to the skating rink where they found their son and their car. A witness later recalled hearing a terrified scream around 10:30. A key matching a pair of handcuffs used in another abduction attempt by serial killer Ted Bundy was found near the car. Although Debby’s body was never found, Bundy confessed to killing her before his execution.

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Destiny Norton 

2000 - 2006

Five-year old Destiny was last seen at her home. After an argument about having to go to bed, she had apparently had a bath, then been allowed to go into the backyard which had a gate and a fence. A short while later, she was nowhere to be found. Police initiated a large search, but no clues were found. Eight days later, acting on a tip, the served a search warrant on the home of 20-year old Craig Gregerson, who lived next door to the Destiny. Her body was found in his basement. He has been taken into custody and charged with murder.

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Doris Castro Calzada 

1993 -2004

Eleven-year old Doris vanished in the evening from her home while her sixteen-year old sister was in the bathroom. Her sister, Cristal, heard somebody come to the door looking for her and saying he would come back. She later heard the door open and close again and when she came out of the bathroom, both the man and her sister were gone. Police were summoned a couple of hours later. Doris’s body was recovered three days later in a nearby canal. Twenty-year old Jose Ulisses Duran, Cristal’s boyfriend, has been charged with her murder. Police claim that he confessed to the murder, stating that he had been having a secret relationship with Doris and had killed her after she had threatened to reveal their relationship.

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Dylan Groene 

July 1995 – June 2005

Dylan Groene was kidnapped and murdered by Joseph Edward Duncan III in 2005. His sister Shasta Groene survived, and is testifying at Duncan's sentencing. Duncan pleaded guilty to two charges of kidnapping and one murder charge. A federal jury is deciding whether to sentence him to the death penalty or life in prison.

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Elizabeth Ann Miller 

1969 - 1983

Fourteen-year old Elizabeth was last seen jogging in a park near her home late in the morning. Witnesses say that she may have spoken with a man in the park. She was not seen or heard from again. One man was under suspicion for many years in connection with Elizabeth’s disappearance but was never charged. Another suspect was killed by his wife and mother-in-law, who claimed that he had confessed the crime to them. Although Elizabeth’s body has never been found, her family had her declared legally dead in 1994.

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Elizabeth Byrd 

Aug. 92 – May 2001

Elizabeth, 8, was abducted in her working-class Phoenix, Arizona neighborhood on May 23, 2001. Her parents didn't worry when she didn't return home from school; thought she'd gone to a friend's house and didn't report her missing until 11:00 that evening. When police contacted Elizabeth's teacher, they found out she hadn't been in school at all that day. The next afternoon, her body was found wrapped in a carpet in a ditch about 200 yards from her school, where she was in third grade.
Steven Ray Newell, a transient and drug addict who knew Elizabeth and had dated her half-sister, confessed to raping and killing the child. His DNA was found on her body, footprints near the body matched his shoes, and witnesses placed him with Elizabeth shortly before she disappeared and at the ditch where she was found afterward. He was convicted of murdering Elizabeth and sentenced to death in February 2004, and as of April 2004, he is awaiting execution.
Elizabeth was a kind, loving child who especially enjoyed music, and wanted to be a famous singer when she grew up. She was going to play the wicked witch in her school's production of "Cinderella."

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Emily Rimel 

1999 - 2004

Five-year old Emily was last seen around midnight at her home. Her mother discovered that she was missing at eight o’clock the following morning. 23-year old Lindsey Bruce, a family friend who had stayed over was also gone. Bruce was later accounted for but Emily was not found. Police questioned both Bruce and Brent Copley, the fiancé of Emily’s mother about her disappearance. After examining DNA evidence, they arrested Bruce and charged him with raping her. He was subsequently convicted of the kidnapping but not of her rape. In May 2006, Emily’s body was found near a creek.

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Esther Lizette Galaz 

1988 - 1994

Six-year old Lizette went missing from her apartment complex in Tucson. The next day, her body was discovered under a mattress in a ditch about a kilometer from her home. She had been beaten and raped. Police suspect that the person who killed her is the same one who abducted Karen Grajeda  a year later. The case has not been solved.

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Evelyn Celeste Miller 

2000 - 2005

Five-year old Evelyn was last seen sleeping in the living room of her home at around 2 am. Her mother, Noel Miller, was working overnight, but her mother’s fiancé, Casey Fredericksen, who lived in the same home, was present as well as two of his friends. When her mother returned from work in the morning, she discovered that Evelyn was missing. After an extensive six-day search, her body was found in the nearby Cedar River. Fredericksen passed a lie detector test and is not considered a suspect in the case. Police are now trying to find the killer.

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Gabrielle Miranda Bechen 

1994 - 2006

Twelve-year old Gabrielle was last seen leaving her home to go for an ATV ride. She never returned home and has not been seen or heard from since. On June 18, Gabrielle’s ATV was found partially buried at a nearby horse farm. A caretaker there, Jeffrey Martin, was taken into custody and later led police to where Gabrielle’s body was buried in a shallow grave. Martin reportedly confessed that he strangled Gabrielle after she confronted him and accused him of misconduct.

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Heather Guerrero 

1988 - 2003

Fifteen-year old Heather was delivering newspapers early in the morning when she was abducted by 26-year old Jeffrey Hessler. A resident of the neighborhood where the abduction occurred recalls hearing a scream and then seeing a car with its lights off speeding away. Gerrero’s contacted police after Heather failed to return home. Her body was found the following day in an abandoned house about twelve miles away. Hessler confessed to abducting, raping and murdering Guerrero and was convicted of first degree murder. He was also found guilty of the rape of another newspaper carrier in October 2002.

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Holly Ann Hughes 

1974 - 1981

Seven-year old Holly was last seen as her mother sent her to a nearby store to buy soap. She never returned. Although police have no definite leads in her disappearance, they suspect Andre Rand, a murderer and sex offender who was living in the area. He was also suspected in the disappearances of Tiahease Jackson , Audrey Lynn Nerenberg  and Alice Pereia, but did not stand trial because he was ruled mentally incompetent. In 2000, though, he was convicted of the 1987 murder of twelve-year old Jennifer Schweiger  and he was finally convicted of kidnapping Holly Hughes in October 2004. The sentences, to run consecutively, virtually guarantee that Rand will die in prison.

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Holly Jones 

1992 - 2003

On May 12, 2003, Holly vanished after walking a friend home in her Toronto neighborhood. The next day, body parts were found in bags on the shores of Toronto Island which were positively identified as hers. Five weeks later, after two other attempted abductions in the same area, police arrested Michael Briere, a 35-year old software engineer and charge him with her abduction and murder.

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Holly Kristen Piirainen 

1983 - 1993

Ten-year old Holly walked to a neighbor’s house from her grandmother’s house to see a new litter of puppies. She never returned. One of her shoes was found by the side of the road; her body was found by hunters in a neighboring town more than two months later. One of her contemporaries at that time, another ten-year old girl named Molly Bish , wrote her family a letter hoping for her safe return. Bish was herself kidnapped and killed six years later. Neither case has been solved.

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Holly Wells 

1992 - 2002

These two ten-year old girls vanished on August 4, 2002 when they went together for a walk. Their bodies were found on August 17 near Lakenheath, Suffolk, after a massive manhunt. A school caretaker, Ian Huntley and his girlfriend, Maxine Carr were arrested in connection with the murders. Maxine Carr was ultimately convicted of perverting the course of justice but was cleared of more serious charges that she was an accessory to the murders. She was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison. She was released in the spring of 2004 and is now under police protection for her own safety. Ian Huntley, who had a history of violence as well as a history of attraction to young girls, was convicted of the two murders and sentenced to life in prison.

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Jackeline Iran Saavedera 

1995 - 2001

Jackeline was last seen playing outside of her home before her abduction in August 2001. Police suspect that she boarded a bus with a man near her home. Remains found eighteen months later were proven to be hers after her parents gave DNA samples. Police still have no leads to lead them to her killer.

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James Patrick Bulger 

Mar. 1990 – Feb. 1993

James Patrick Bulger was a boy from Kirkby, England, who was murdered on 12 February 1993, when aged two. He was abducted, tortured and murdered by two ten-year-old boys, Robert Thompson (born 23 August 1982) and Jon Venables (born 13 August 1982).[2][3] Bulger disappeared from the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle, near Liverpool, while accompanying his mother. His mutilated body was found on a railway line two-and-a-half miles away in Walton, two days after his murder. Thompson and Venables were charged on 20 February 1993 with Bulger's abduction and murder.

The pair were found guilty on 24 November 1993, making them the youngest convicted murderers in modern English history. They were sentenced to custody until they reached adulthood, initially until the age of 18, and were released on a lifelong licence in June 2001. The case has prompted widespread debate on the issue of how to handle young offenders when they are sentenced or released from custody.

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Jamie Rose Bolin 

1995 - 2006

Ten-year old Jamie was reported missing by her parents when she failed to return home. She was last seen riding her bicycle. She had left her school purportedly to go home and get a key so that she could use the library. Several leads poured in once she was announced missing. People reported that they had seen her getting into a vehicle with Texas license plates leading police to expand the search to the state of Texas. Two day later, however, her body was found in the home of 26-year old Kevin Underwood, who lived in Jamie’s neighborhood. Jamie knew the man who used to entertain children with his pet rat. Underwood came under suspicion when police noticed him acting strangely at a roadblock. A search of his home yielded Jamie’s body and her bicycle. Other evidence seized during the search revealed that Underwood allegedly had fantasies about killing and eating a person. Jamie’s body bore signs of blunt trauma as well as saw marks on her neck. An autopsy revealed that she had also been sexually assaulted.

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Jeffery Curley 

1987 - 1997

Barbara and Robert Curley's 10-year-old son Jeffrey was the victim of a 1997 kidnap, rape and murder by two men, Salvatore Sicari, twenty-one, and Charlie Jaynes, twenty-two. Jeffrey was a latchkey child and knew Sicari who lived only a block away, the two men befriended Jeffrey taking him on car rides to dinners. They offered to replace his recently stolen bicycle with a new one for sex but the boy refused and Jaynes killed Jeffrey in the car's backseat. Sicari confessed to his part in the murder but insisted Jaynes was the killer, NAMBLA literature and a membership card was also found in the backseat of the car and in Jaynes' apartment. Both were charged and found guilty of child molestation, kidnapping and murder. Sicari's brother, Robert, also a child rapist, was released from prison in 2008.

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Jennifer Chia 

1983 - 1989

Siblings Charles, 8, and Jennifer, 6, were last seen on October 18, 1989 near their home in southwest Reno, Nevada. They left their school bus and began walking towards their apartment at the Timber Hills apartment complex, but never made it. On July 25, 1990, the children's remains were found buried in a shallow grave fifty miles from Reno, next to Highway 70 near Portola, California. There were no obvious signs of trauma to their bodies, meaning Jennifer and Charles were probably asphyxiated in some way. As of April 2004, their murders remain unsolved.

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Jennifer Renee Short 

1993 - 2002

Nine-year old Jennifer vanished after her parents were found shot to death in the family home. A major manhunt ensued hoping to find the girl alive, but hopes were dashed when her remains were found a month later. Garrison Bowman has been investigated in the slayings as he was seen in the area at the time of the killings and was heard to threaten to kill a man in a dispute over money. In 2003, the bridge under which she was found was renamed in her honor.

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Jennifer Schweiger 

1975 - 1987

Twelve-year old Jennifer, who suffered from Down’s Syndrome was abducted, raped and killed in 1987. Andre Rand, a sex offender who was living in the area was suspected in her disappearance but was not convicted of her murder until 2000 because he had been declared mentally incompetent and for lack of evidence. He was also suspected in the disappearances of Alice Pereia, Tiahease Jackson, Audrey Lynn Nerenberg and Holly Hughes. New evidence was compiled against him, partly based upon boasts he made in prison and he was convicted of the abduction of Holly Hughes in October 2004. The sentences, to run consecutively, virtually guarantee that Rand will die in prison.

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Jessica Chapman 

1992 - 2002

These two ten-year old girls vanished on August 4, 2002 when they went together for a walk. Their bodies were found on August 17 near Lakenheath, Suffolk, after a massive manhunt. A school caretaker, Ian Huntley and his girlfriend, Maxine Carr were arrested in connection with the murders. Maxine Carr was ultimately convicted of perverting the course of justice but was cleared of more serious charges that she was an accessory to the murders. She was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison. She was released in the spring of 2004 and is now under police protection for her own safety. Ian Huntley, who had a history of violence as well as a history of attraction to young girls, was convicted of the two murders and sentenced to life in prison.

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Jessica Lunsford 

1995 - 2005

Nine-year old Jessica was last seen by her grandmother who tucked her in to bed. The next morning, her father, who had returned home from his girlfriend’s house, heard her alarm sounding and discovered that she was not in her room. The clothes and shoes she had laid out for school the night before were still where she had left them and none of her shoes were missing. Her mother, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and had little contact with her, was interviewed by police but is not suspected in her disappearance. In mid-March, police detained John Evander Couey, a 46-year old registered sex offender who lived in the same area as Jessica for questioning in connection with her disappearance. After taking a polygraph test, Couey confessed to killing Jessica and told police where they could find the body.

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Jessica Rae DeLatorre 

1996 - 2005

Eight-year old Jessica was staying over at her grandmother’s house with her two brother when she was last seen alive. Her grandmother, Norma Carver, had gone to the hospital for an overnight sleep study, leaving the children under the care of her boyfriend, 41-year old Murray Jones. The next morning, Carver discovered that Jessica was missing and the police were notified. They soon found Jessica’s clothes in a rubbish bin near the home. According to police reports, when presented with this evidence, Murray confessed to killing Jessica and led police to her body. An autopsy revealed that she had died of blunt force trauma. Evidence of sexual assault was also found. Murray has been charged with sexual assault and murder.

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Jetseta Marie Gage 

1994 - 2005

Ten-year old Jetseta was last seen going to bed by her grandmother, who had just given Jetseta her medication. Her younger brother later saw her riding away in the truck of a family friend, 37-year old Roger Bentley. She was never seen alive again. Later in the evening when her grandmother went to check on her, she was missing. She frantically searched for the girl, who suffers from spina bifida and is mentally challenged and then called her mother, who was attending college. Jetsetter’s body was found the next day in an abandoned mobile home. Police arrested Bentley, a registered sex offender in connection with her abduction. He was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole. Bentley’s brother, 33-year old James is a former boyfriend of Jetseta’s mother, Trena. He is now in jail awaiting trial for allegedly molesting Jetseta over an extended period when he was dating her mother. Trena Gage has stated that she did not know that.

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Jillian Dee Cutshall 

1978 - 1987

Nine-year old Jillian was last seen leaving for her babysitter’s house in the morning. She never arrived there. Three months later her clothes were found in a wooded area ten miles from her home. David Phelps was arrested and charged with her abduction and eventually convicted to life in prison. Her body has never been found, but at the time of Phelps’ conviction, Jillian was declared legally dead.

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Jon Benet Ramsey 

1990 - 1996

Six-year old JonBenét, a former Little Miss Colorado was brutally murdered in her own home in 1996. Investigators allegedly found evidence of strangulation, head trauma and chronic sexual abuse. Despite many claims that there was a wealth of evidence pointing to her parents or brother in the attack, nobody has been charged with her murder, and her parents escaped a grand jury indictment. Many charges of incompetence have been leveled at both the police and the prosecutor’s office. Now it appears that DNA evidence rules out JonBenét’s parents and police are now considering the possibility that intruders were responsible, a theory they originally ruled out.

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Julie Lejeune 

1987 - 1995

On the afternoon of June 14, 1995, these two girls went outside to play together. They never returned home. More than a year later, on August 17, 1996, their bodies were found buried in the backyard of a house owned by Marc Dutroux, who had been arrested in connection with the disappearances of other girls. These girls had been kidnapped and imprisoned in a dungeon beneath Dutroux’s house. They starved to death when he was imprisoned on theft charges because his girlfriend failed to feed them for several weeks. Dutroux has been sentenced to life in prison for their deaths.

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Kacie Rene Woody 

1989 - 2002

Kacie Woody vanished from her home in December 2002. Her body was found a few days later in a storage facility. She had been apparently murdered by David Fuller of California, who then committed suicide. Woody appears to have had an online correspondence with Fuller and seems to have believed that he was another teenager. Signs of a struggle at her home indicate that she was unaware that he was coming to see her and unwilling to go anywhere with him.

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Kaitlyn Briana Smith 

1994 - 2005

Eleven-year old Kaitlyn was last seen alive at the home of a friend where she was spending the night. She never returned home from the sleepover and a search for her ensued the following morning. Her body was soon found under a vacant trailer near her home. 33-year old Steven Long, who had been a guest at the home where she had been sleeping over, assisted in the search for her body and was reportedly distraught when she was found. However, he soon thereafter fell under suspicion and was soon arrested and charged with sexually assaulting her and killing her. Long has claimed that an alter ego, “Pretty Boy”, forced him to kill Kaitlyn.

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Kara Patricia Rudd 

1984 - 1996

Twelve-year old Kara went missing after she skipped school. Friends reported that she had arranged earlier with Joseph Kondro, a family friend, to skip school with his help. Kondro later confessed that he had taken Rudd to an abandoned house where he raped her and killed her.

Murder Victim. Abducted from Monticello Middle School, in Longview, Washington. Because of her courageous fight to live and the forensic evidence collected because of that fight, her killer was caught, and the murder of another young girl (Rima Traxler) years earlier was also solved. It is thought that Kara's killer may well be responsible for as many as 70 deaths in the Pacfic Northwest. Kara is another reason for the enactment of Megan's Law, and Amber Alerts regarding missing children. Her death was documented as a "Cold Case File" by Biography in the segment titled "Unicorns and Alligators." 

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Karen Rosalba Grajeda 

1988 - 1996

Seven-year old Karen was last seen playing with her sister and some friends outside her family’s home in Tucson. Nobody noticed that Karen was missing until around 6:30 pm when her mother came to call the girls to supper. Despite a massive search, no clues about what happened to Karen were found. All of her family members have been cleared of complicity in her disappearance. Several other young girls in the area had been molested by Rodolfo Morales in the years before her disappearance, but he has not been charged in her case. An unknown man was seen in the area the day of her disappearance. He is also suspected in the unsolved abduction rape and murder of Karen Grajeda (Alma Pintada). 

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Katherine Merry Devine 

1959 - 1973  

Fourteen-year old Katherine ran away from her home in Seattle. She told friends that she was going to Rockaway, Oregon. She never arrived there. Nearly two weeks after her disappearance, her body was found in some bushes in a park near Olympia, Washington. Her trousers had been cut open and she had been raped. Whilst police believed for a long time that she had been a victim of serial killer Ted Bundy, DNA testing later implicated William E. Cosden Jr., already in prison for another rape.

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Kathleen Marie Flynn 

1975 - 1986

Kathleen, 11, was last seen walking home from Ponus Ridge Middle School in Norwalk, Connecticut, on September 23, 1986. The journey was about half a mile on a paved path through the woods. Kathleen's body was found at 3:30 a.m. the next day, only a few hundred feet from her school athletic fields. She had been raped and strangled. As of April 2004, Kathleen's murder is unsolved. Police have a suspect who is currently in prison for an unrelated crime, but they have never had enough evidence to charge him. She is described as a chatty girl who collected Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

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Kau’ilani Tiarau Lucas Tadeo 

1995 - 2001

Six-year old Kau’ilani vanished shortly after returning from school. Family and neighbors searched for her for two hours before contacting police. Two hours after police began searching for her, they found her body in an abandoned house near her home. An autopsy showed that she died of blunt trauma to the head. Two days later, police arrested a 14-year old mentally handicapped boy from the same neighborhood and charged him with murder and sexual assault.

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Kayla Reed 
Sept. 1990 - Dec. 2005

Fifteen-year old Kayla disappeared sometime during the night of December 2. Her mother had seen her late at night. Her mother had noticed that she was still dressed and had told her that she did not want her to go out that late. The next morning, she was missing, her bed apparently not slept in. Originally treated as a runaway, local police began to investigate the possibility of foul play when Kayla failed to contact any friends or family. Over a month later, on January 10, 2006, a motorist noticed a badly decomposed body in a canal in a rural area. Police forensic tests determined that the body was that of Kayla. Police are looking into the possibility that she may have been killed by somebody that she met online.

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Kelsey Smith Briggs 

December 2002 - October 2005

Two-year old Kelsey Briggs was allegedly beaten to death by her stepfather Michael Lee Porter. Prior to that, she had been repeatedly abused, even being removed from the home at one point, but she was eventually returned to her mother’s care. Amongst her injuries, she suffered fractures to her collarbone and both legs. During one visit with her paternal grandmother, bruises were observed over her entire body. During one visit by social walkers, she would not crawl or walk (presumably because of her fractured legs). Her mother, Raye Dawn Smith, who has been charged with neglect and aiding abuse, attributed her injuries to accidents or said that she injured herself during seizures that nobody ever observed. Kelsey had a respite from the continual abuse during the time she was in the custody of her paternal grandmother. It is truly unfortunate that she was allowed back to the home where her life was made a living hell.

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Kimberly Dianne Leach 

1965 - 1978

Twelve-year old Kimberly had left her purse in her classroom at school and left her gym class to retrieve it. She never made it back. About that time, a policeman saw a girl being dragged to a vehicle by a man who looked angry. The policeman assumed it was her father and that she had gotten in trouble so he did nothing about it. Kimberly’s body was found in an abandoned pig trough two months later. Kimberly was the last victim of serial killer Ted Bundy who was convicted of her murder and executed in 1989.

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Laura Arroyo 

1982 - 1991

Nine-year old Laura was abducted from her home in Otay Mesa on June 20, 1991. Just nine hours later, her body was found in a nearby industrial park. After being sexually assaulted, she had been beaten, stabbed and strangled to death. Manuel Bracamontes, who lived in the same housing complex as Laura came under suspicion immediately after the slaying because he made a number of contradictory statements to the police. He was not charged, however, because they were unable to find any evidence linking him to the murder, even after repeatedly searching his home. In 2003, new DNA evidence taken from Laura’s body linked Bracamontes to the murder. He has now been charged with the murder and could face the death penalty.

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Laura Ashley Skinner 

1983 - 1987

Three-year old Laura was killed by her mother’s boyfriend, Bruce Lower while her mother was at work. According to his testimony, he killed her when she refused to give him oral sex. Forensic investigators determined that she had been sodomized and raped before she was killed. According to friends and family, there was a history of physical abuse, but child protective services, despite visiting the home on several occasions, never found sufficient evidence to remove Laura from the home. Lower served 16 years of a 25-year sentence for Laura’s rape and murder and was released from prison.

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Levi Frady 

March 1986 - October 1997

LEVI FRADY, 11, was last seen alive Oct. 22, 1997 on Little Mill Road in Forsyth County. As night was falling he was looking forward to watching Game 5 of the World Series. It would be a game he did not see. His body was found the next day in Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area. He had been shot once in the head and twice in the chest, his body was partially submerged in a pit of water.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent John Cagle said: "It's really a tough investigation. There's really not much [evidence]."What evidence there is kept behind a steel door secured by a combination lock. It includes 66 volumes of information, bullets and bullet casings, and a red 20-inch bicycle with orange handlebar grips. Cops believe Levi was murdered where he was found. They are seeking a man who may have been a witness and was walking along the road the day Levi went missing.

He is described as a white male in his late 50's, with a scruffy, gray beard. He was wearing a faded blue baseball cap. He walked in a stooped fashion. They are also seeking another man: He is described as a white male, 45 to 55, clean shaven, 6' -6' 1" , slim build with white or gray hair. He was driving a 1980 to 1985 medium blue Toyota, 2 wheel drive, pick-up truck with a white camper shell over the bed of the vehicle.

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Lipaz Himi 

1998 - 2006

Eight-year old Lipaz was raped and murdered after being lured with the promise of money. The same man who allegedly killed her, 35-year old Anwar Ahdesh, an illegal Palestinian worker, apparently sexually molested Lipaz the previous day as well.

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Lisa Dianne Norrell 

1983 - 1998

Fifteen-year old Lisa was returning home from a rehearsal party when she went missing. Although her clothing and other belongings were discovered the next day, her body was not found for eight days. She had been asphyxiated and dumped in the yard of a landscaping firm. Police have few leads about who her killer might be.

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Madelyn Rae Clifton 

1990 - 1998

Eight-year old Maddie went out to play on the afternoon of November 3, 1998. Thirty minutes later when she was called in to supper she was nowhere to be found. After a major police manhunt turned up few clues, her body was found a week later under the waterbed mattress of fourteen-year old Joshua Phillips by his mother. She had been beaten with a baseball bat, then later stabbed several times, bound with duct tape and hidden in the water bed. Phillips was later tried as an adult and sentenced to life for first degree murder. Although his computer contained pornographic images downloaded shortly before the murder and Maddie’s body was stripped, policed did not discover evidence of a sexual assault on the girl.

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Maile Gilbert 

1979 - 1985

Maile, 6, was abducted from her home in Kailua, Hawaii, during a family party on August 25, 1985. She was raped, sodomized, choked and drowned afterwards and her body was found the next day in a shallow grave along the shoreline, between Mokuleia and Kaena Point on the northwest corner of Oahu, Hawaii. James Lounsbery from Ka'a'awa, an acquaintance of Maile's father, was convicted of murdering her. He is serving a life sentence in prison.
Maile was a first-grader at Aikahi Elementary School when she died. The MAILE Alert, Hawaii's equivalent of an Amber Alert, was named after her. The MAILE Alert notifies the public of abducted children through radio and television bulletins and electronic highway billboards.

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Maryann Measles 

1985 - 1997

Thirteen year-old Maryann was choked and drowned after being gang-raped by a group of eight youths. They decided to kill her after she threatened to bring charges of statutory rape against some of them. On the day she was killed, she was forced into a car by people she trusted, then taken to a river bank where the assaults and murder took place. Her body, which had been weighted with chains, was not found for nine months after her death.

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Megan Kanka 

1986 - 1994

Seven-year old Megan was playing on her street when she disappeared. After her mother canvassed the neighborhood in vain, a massive team of more than three hundred people began searching the area. Neighbors reported that they had last seen Megan across the street from her home speaking with Jesse Timmendequas, who had been working on his car. After being questioned by police, Timmendequas, who already was a convicted child molester, admitted to raping and killing Megan and led officers to the secluded area where he had stuffed her body into a box and dumped it. This outrageous crime led many states to adopt so-called Megan’s Laws.

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Melissa Russo 

1987 - 1995

On the afternoon of June 14, 1995, these two girls went outside to play together. They never returned home. More than a year later, on August 17, 1996, their bodies were found buried in the backyard of a house owned by Marc Dutroux, who had been arrested in connection with the disappearances of other girls. These girls had been kidnapped and imprisoned in a dungeon beneath Dutroux’s house. They starved to death when he was imprisoned on theft charges because his girlfriend failed to feed them for several weeks. Dutroux has been sentenced to life in prison for their deaths.

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Michelle Vick 

Fourteen-year-old, full-figured Michelle; not too popular; not especially pretty. A middle child whose life veered suddenly in its final year -- from tomboy slugging softballs to runaway charmed by a child rapist. She was dumped in a thick stand of cattails, two bullet holes in her head; robbed of her identity long enough for her killer to escape justice.

That her remains were found just 37 miles from the police station where her mother reported her missing offers a lesson in how Washington's system for tracking missing people fails those who need it most.


Fourteen-year-old Michelle Vick was enamored with Tomas Mendez, then 18 and on parole for a child rape conviction. She wrote his name on everything, preceded by "te amo," Spanish for "I love you." Michelle's mother forbade her from seeing him, but she told friends she and Mendez were going to Mexico. Michelle disappeared in June 1998. Hunters found skeletal remains in October 1998. In March 2000, the remains were identified as Michelle's, and the homicide investigation began. Mendez likely left Grant County in late 1999 or early 2000. Police say he's their only suspect.

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Miranda Diane Gaddis 

1988 - 2002

Miranda vanished on her way to school on March 8, 2002. She was not seen by other regular bus riders on the day of her disappearance. Her friend Ashley Pond had vanished two months earlier. Her body, along with that of Ashley Pond was found on August 24, 2002 at the home of Ward Weaver. Weaver, who allegedly has a history of violence and abuse, has been charged with the murders as well as with sexual assualt. Gaddis’s mother is considering a lawsuit against state agencies who she blames for not acting decisively regarding allegations of child abuse against Weaver made by Ashley Pond in 2001. In September, 2004, Weaver pleaded guilty to seventeen counts, including rape, sexual abuse, murder and abuse of a corpse. His guilty plea allows him to escape the death penalty.

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Molly Anne Bish 

1983 - 2000

Sixteen-year old Molly was last seen alive by her mother, who dropped her off at the pond where she worked as a lifeguard. Swimmers arrived to find Molly’s belongings but there was no sign of her. Police initially thought that she had simply left to go do something else, but after contacting her friends and not finding her, began to treat her case as an abduction. Her mother remembered seeing a suspicious man in a parking lot near the pond the day before. It is not known if he is connected with Molly’s disappearance. Despite an intensive search, her body was not found for three years in a remote wooded area a few miles from where she vanished. Police still have no leads about her killer. Ironically, Bish, when she was 10-years old, had written the family of Holly Piirainen, expressing her wishes for her speedy recovery.

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Nancy Wilcox 

1958 - 1974

Sixteen-year old Nancy was last seen riding in a yellow VW beetle. She was never seen or heard from again. Although Nancy’s body was never found, serial killer Ted Bundy reportedly confessed to killing her before his death. At the same time, he said that he had left her body with the body of Debra Kent.

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Nathalie Mahy 

1996 - 2006

Ten-year old Nathalie was last seen late at night playing with her step-sister Stacy Lemmens  outside a cafe where her parents were drinking. The two girls vanished without a trace. Police have detained 38-year old Abdallah Ait-Oud and charged him with kidnapping. Ait-Oud, who was imprisoned for the rape of his fourteen-year old niece in 1994, is the boyfriend of a waitress at the same cafe and is known to have left the cafe around the same time the girls disappeared. He has denied any involvement with their disappearance. On June 28, more than two weeks after the girls disappeared, their bodies were found near a railway station. An autopsy showed that both girls had been strangled and that Nathalie had been raped as well.

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Nichole Parker 

1985 - 1993

Nicole Parker, an 8-year-old Tarzana, California girl, disappeared on November 20, 1993, while playing with a softball and mitt outside her father's Woodland Hills apartment. Her body was discovered stuffed in a suitcase in the bedroom closet of a neighbor's apartment across the courtyard. Nicole's killer, age 23, was found guilty of sexually molesting and murdering Nicole and was sentenced to death by a Van Nuys Jury. He now awaits his sentence at San Quentin Prison.

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Opal Jo Jennings 

1992 - 1999

Six-year old Opal was playing with two of her friends outside her grandmother’s home when she was abducted. Her friends described how a man with a ponytail grabbed the crying girl, threw her into a car and drove away. Police arrested Richard Lee Franks, who had a prior record for child sexual abuse and convicted him of Opal’s kidnapping in the autumn of 2002, based upon a confession in which he admitted to molesting her, but claimed that he subsequently released her. Since her body had not been found, the prosecution was unable to charge him with murder. Franks later claimed that his confession was coerced. in January, 2004, Opal’s skeletal remains were found by horseback riders about ten miles from her grandmother’s home. Forensic tests revealed that she had died of a blow to the head.

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 Polly Hannah Klaas 

1981 - 1993

Polly's Story

During a slumber party in October of 1993, 12-year-old Polly Hannah Klaas was abducted at knifepoint from her Petaluma, California home. Thousands of residents from the surrounding community immediately responded with the largest manhunt in American history. Hundreds of selfless volunteers abandoned normal daily routines for 65 days. They answered countrywide calls, read thousands of letters and searched for Polly. A mass distribution of 2 billion images of Polly was sent worldwide. She had soon become a symbol of love and lost innocence.

The world froze one cold evening in December when the media reported that Polly, America's Child, the beautiful girl with the warm brown eyes shown smiling in home videos for millions of TV viewers, was not found alive. The country was outraged. The public cried out for change in legislation and pro-action in crime prevention.

"Polly was faced with a choice few people ever have to make," said her father, Marc Klaas. "By putting herself in mortal danger to protect her family and friends, Polly has become my greatest teacher." Marc Klaas immediately dove into a campaign to put children higher on the national priority list. With no prior media, political or public speaking experience, he immediately became savvy in affecting proactive legislation, and sought to advocate children's issues and speak out on crime prevention.

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Rachael Marie Runyan 

1979 - 1982

Rachael, 3, was abducted on August 26, 1982 in Sunset, Utah. She was playing with her brothers when a black male came up and offered her candy and gum. He put her in his car and drove away. Rachael's body was found twenty-four days later in Weber Canyon, Morgan County, Utah. The cause of death could not be determined. Her abductor has never been identified. As of April 2004, Rachael's murder remains unsolved.
Utah originally named its version of the Amber Alert after Rachael, the Rachael Alert. It distributes information about kidnapped children on highway signs and television and radio bulletins.

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Rebecca Elizabeth West 

1979 - 1991

Twelve-year old Rebecca was last seen at a service station near her home with her friend, eleven-year old Iryll ‘Nicki’ Wood. Neither of the girls returned home. Several hours after their disappearance, Wood’s body was found under a pile of burning pine needles. She had been strangled. There was no sign of Rebecca in the area. Five years later, Michael Tarbert, who lived in the area was charged with the murders of the two girls. He pleaded guilty to the murders days before his trial was to begin and was subsequently sentenced to twenty years in prison. Rebecca’s remains have never been found.

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                                                                                         Rhonda Duncan 

1960 - 1976

Rhonda attended a party on the evening of July 16, 1976, at a house on East Queens Avenue in Vancouver, British Columbia. She and three friends left at 1:00 a.m. on July 17. She parted company with them near Wolfe Street and Larson Road, with five blocks left to get to her house. Rhonda never made it. Her body was found at 9:00 a.m., concealed in tall grass in front of a garage on Bewicke Avenue, close to her home. She had been raped and strangled. As of April 2004, Rhonda's murder remains unsolved.

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Rhonda Hardin 

1970 - 1983

Twelve-year old Rhonda was reported missing while her mother, Judy Bennett, was in the hospital awaiting surgery. Initially, Bennett’s husband and Rhonda’s step-father, Danny Bradley, reported that Rhonda was simply missing. Later, Bennett was informed that she had been killed, although she was initially led to believe that she had not been sexually assaulted. When the truth emerged, she learned that Rhonda had been raped and murdered, then dressed and left out in the snow. A few months after the murder, Bradley was arrested and charged with the rape and murder. He steadfastly maintained his innocence but was convicted and sentenced to death. From death row, Bradley made an attempt to exonerate himself by demanding DNA testing that had not been available during his trial. The results failed to exonerate him, his semen being found on a blanket along with Rhonda’s DNA. His execution was stayed in 2001, but he remains on death row.

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Riley Fox 

2001 - 2004

Three-year old Riley was reported missing by her father on June 6, 2004. Hours later her body was found by hikers in a creek four miles from her home. She had been bound with duct tape, beaten and sexually assaulted. Police initially charged her father, Kevin Fox with first degree murder. They claimed that Fox confessed to the crime, saying that he had accidentally injured her and had subsequently sexually assaulted her and dumped her in the river to make it appear like an abduction. Fox’s family, including his wife who was away at the time of Riley’s disappearance, never failed to believe in his innocence and launched a website to declare their support for him and offer a $50,000 reward for information leading to the real killer. Fox subsequently filed a lawsuit against the police, claiming that they denied him access to an attorney during his interrogation and that they coerced him into confessing by threatening to expose him to abuse in prison. In June, 2005, DNA evidence definitively cleared Kevin Fox of involvement in Riley’s murder and he was released from jail. The exoneration cast a shadow on former State’s Attorney Jeff Tomczak who filed charges against Fox before any DNA testing had been done. Tomczak originally brought the case against Riley one month before an election that he ultimately lost.

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Rima Danette Traxler 

1976 - 1985

Eight-year old Rima was last seen near her home. She had stopped to show a neighbor an art project she had done at school. She has not been seen or heard from again. About the same time, Joseph Kondro, a close friend of Rima’s family, stopped at a nearby store to buy beer and cigarettes. Kondro was questioned immediately following Rima’s disappearance, but there was no evidence against him and he was no longer considered a suspect. Twelve years later, facing the death penalty for the murder of twelve year old Kara Rudd , Kondro cut a plea deal with prosecutors and admitted to the murder of both Rudd and Traxler. He confessed that he had used a special password Rima’s mother had given her to gain her confidence, taken her to an isolated swimming hole, raped and murdered her. Even though he gave authorities a description of where he hid her, Rima’s body has never been found.

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Rosa Sandoval 

1992 - 2004

Twelve-year old Rosa was last seen late in the evening going to her room after an altercation. Thirty minutes later, her sister entered the bedroom to find that she was missing. Initially, police were told that she went missing after leaving for school, but the real story emerged two weeks later. There is speculation that she may have given her address out over the Internet, but this has not been substantiated. In March, 2005, skeletal remains found in a remote area under a rubbish pile were determined to be Rosa’s after their DNA was analyzed. Police still have not clues as to how she got there.

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Rosie May Storrie 

1993 - 2003

Ten-year old Rosie was attending a party with her parents at a friend’s house after performing in a Christmas play. In a playful gesture, Rosie took seventeen-year old Paul Smith’s drink from his hand and ran from as he chased her. Shortly afterwards, both disappeared. Rosie was later found face down on a bed, her costume pulled down to her waist. Efforts to resuscitate her failed and she died two days later in hospital. Smith is now standing trial for her murder.

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Samantha Knight 

1977 -1986

9-year old Samantha Knight vanished on August 19, 1986 after going to the local shopping center to make some purchases. She was never seen again, and her disappearance went unsolved for many years. In 1996, however, police began investigating a man who had lived in her neighborhood, Michael Guider, when he was accused of sexually molesting young girls. It eventually came out that at the time of Samantha’s disappearance, he was a babysitter for one of her friends and had befriended her in this way. He was subsequently convicted with several counts of molestation. He used drugs to render his young charges unconscious, after which he would molest them and photograph them. In 2002, he finally confessed, pleading guilty to manslaughter in Samantha’s death, saying that he had accidentally given her an overdose.

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Samantha Runnion 

1996 - 2002

Five-year old Samantha was playing outside near her house with her friend when a man drove up in a car and asked for the girls to help him find his dog. Samantha began talking to the man, who then grabbed her and threw her into the car. Samantha was sexually assaulted, then asphyxiated and her body was dumped in neighboring Riverside County. Alejandro Avila, 27, has been charged with her murder. Police have DNA evidence linking him to the homicide.

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Sarah Michelle Lunde 

1991 - 2005

Thirteen-year old Sarah was last seen by her brother after coming home from a church function. After she came home, he left the house to go to get something to eat. When he returned home at 4 am, the door to the house was open and Sarah was gone. An hour later, 36-year old David Onstott, who once dated Sarah’s mother, Kelly May, came looking for her. He left after discovering that she was not there. Sarah’s body was found at an abandoned fish farm about a kilometer from her home. Investigators have said that it was apparent that she met a violent end. Onstott, a convicted sex offender, has been arrested and charged with her murder.

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Sarah Payne 

1991 - 2000

Eight year-old Sarah injured herself whilst playing with her sibling in an isolated field 150 meters from her grandparent’s house. She decided to walk back to the home alone, and was last seen by her brother as she set off to return. Her family never saw her alive again. Twelve days later, after a nation-wide manhunt, police arrested a suspect, Roy Whiting, in connection with her disappearance. On 17 July, her body was found in a shallow grave.

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Sarah Pryor 

1976 - 1985

Sarah left in the afternoon to go and explore a neighborhood she had just moved to with her family six weeks before. She never returned. A man who had been convicted in connection with another abduction in the area was questioned in her disappearance but was never charged. Her remains were not found for ten years, when a skul fragment was found in the woods a few miles from her house. It took another two years to get a positive DNA match and determine that it was Sarah.

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Savannah Hailey Smith 

1998 - 2006

Eight-year old Savannah was last seen playing near her home. When her parents came to get her later, she could not be found. Her body was found early the next morning, dumped in nearby woods. She had been sexually assaulted. According to one of Savannah’s friends, she was seen getting into the car of twenty-year old Joshua Davis. Davis was the boyfriend of Savannah’s babysitter. Davis has been arrested and charged in connection with her rape and murder and has reportedly confessed to the crimes.

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Sayano Horimoto 
1993 - 2005

Twelve year old Sayano was a student at a cram school where she took supplementary classes. One of her teachers there was 23-year old Yu Hagino. Purportedly, the two were good friends when Sayano first began attending, with many people saying that Hagino was like a mentor to her. At some point, however, Sayano, by her friends’ accounts, began feeling uncomfortable around Hagino. They say that he began whispering suggestive things in her ears and touching her. Hagino allegedly began to be very strict with the girl when she began distancing herself from him. The relationship deteriorated to the point that, after one serious reprimand, she returned home in tears and had her parents ensure that he was not in the room for a practice examination. On December 10, 2005, Hagino sent all of the students in the classroom out except for Sayano. He then locked the door and disconnected a security camera, after which he allegedly stabbed Sayano to death. Police report that Hagino has confessed to the crime, saying that he wanted Sayano to disappear because she was not responding to his teaching.

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Shakira Johnson 

1992 - 2003

Eleven-year old Shakira was last seen alive at a block party in her neighborhood. When it was discovered that she was missing, a massive search ensued. One witness recalls seeing a screaming girl in a speeding car. After a month, her body was found in a field behind a warehouse. Daniel Hines, a handyman who lived in the area has been charged with her murder. Prosecutors have claimed that he abducted her and took her to his basement where he raped her and killed her. One of his gloves was found to have her blood on it and plastic bags in his garage matched those found near her body.

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Shannon Nichole Paulk 

1990 - 2001

Eleven-year old Shannon vanished from near the trailer park where she lived on August 16, 2001. After a nearly two-month manhunt, her body was found, on October 6, by hunters in a remote area nearly fifteen miles from her home. No definite evidence has been unearthed to lead them to the person who abducted and killed her.

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Shauna Howe 

1981 - 1992

Shauna, 11, was abducted on October 27, 1992, as she walked home from a Halloween party hosted by the Girl Scouts in Oil City, Pennsylvania. A witness saw a man approach her, then Shauna screamed and both of them vanished. A small red boxy car was observed speeding away from the scene of the kidnapping.
Two days later, a relative of Shauna's found a piece of her clothing lying along an abandoned railroad bed in a rural, wooded area. The next morning, searchers found her body about 200 yards from where the clothing was found. She had been thrown from a railroad trestle into a dry, rocky creek bed near Coulter's Hole in Rockland Township, Pennsylvania. She had died of blunt force trauma to the head and chest, probably from the fall. She had apparently been kept alive for a few days after her kidnapping, as the location had been searched the day before and Shauna's body had not been there then.
In July 2004, two brothers named James Eric O'Brien and Timothy Michael O'Brien, who were both in prison at the time, were charged with Shauna's murder. Police said the men had kidnapped and raped her before intentionally killing her. James's DNA matched a sample taken from Shauna's body. Later, a third man, Eldred "Ted" Walker, was also arrested.
Shauna's death is not believed to be related to the murder of
Shenee Freeman who was also kidnapped from Oil City and murdered. A suspect pleaded guilty in that case, and he could not have also killed Shauna.
Shauna was a member of the Girl Scouts at the time of her death. She was a quiet and reserved child. The suspects in her murder are awaiting trial.

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Shelby Marie Cox 

1991 - 1995

Four-year old Shelby Cox went missing on November 13, 1995. She had been playing outside her home with family and friends but suddenly could not be found. After a five-day search, her battered body was found in a neighbor’s shed. The perpetrator, 18-year old Jeremy Skocz admitted to killing the girl, claiming that he was only trying to make her stop crying, drowning her in the bathtub in the process. An autopsy, however, revealed that the actual cause of death was suffocation. Forensic investigation showed that Shelby had been repeatedly sexually assaulted, her face covered with duct tape. Skocz was sentenced to three life sentences for the sexual assaults and the murder as well as nineteen years for her kidnapping.

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Sherrice Iverson 

1990 - 1997

 In the early morning hours of May 25, 1997, two men, Jeremy Strohmeyer (age 18) and David Cash, Jr. (age 17), were at the Primadonna Resort & Casino at Primm, Nevada, near the California border. The two young men had arrived at the gambling establishment, accompanied by Cash's father, from their homes in Long Beach.

At around 4 a.m., Strohmeyer began repeatedly making apparently "playful" contact with 7-year-old Sherrice Iverson, who was roaming the casino alone. The young girl's father was gambling and drinking. Her older brother Harold was supposed to be watching her but failed to do so resulting in Sherrice running around unmonitored. Eventually, Strohmeyer followed Sherrice into a women's restroom.

While in the restroom, the two began throwing wet paper wads at one another. Sherrice then reportedly tossed a yellow plastic "Wet Floor" sign at Strohmeyer. At around this time Strohmeyer's friend, David Cash, entered the restroom and witnessed Strohmeyer forcibly take Iverson into a stall. When Cash looked in from the adjacent stall, he saw Strohmeyer holding his left hand over Iverson's mouth and fondling her with his right. After this, Cash left the restroom and was followed 20 minutes later by Strohmeyer, who immediately confessed to him that he had molested and killed the girl.

 Three days later, Strohmeyer was taken into custody at his home after two classmates in Long Beach identified him after security tape footage captured by cameras at the casino was released by Nevada police and played on the television news. Strohmeyer was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping, and sexual assault of a minor. When questioned by police, Strohmeyer stated that he molested Iverson and strangled her to stifle her screams. Before leaving, Strohmeyer noticed Iverson was still alive and twisted her head in an attempt to break her neck, and after hearing a loud popping sound, rested her body in a sitting position on the toilet with her feet in the bowl. Strohmeyer's attorneys later tried to have the confession suppressed because he was not given legal counsel. However, the police claimed that Strohmeyer waived his right to have an attorney present during questioning.

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Sofia Rodriquez-Urruta-Shu 

1998 - 2006

Eight-year old Sofia left her uncle, brother and sister to use the toilet at a suburban shopping center. When she failed to return, her uncle and brother searched both the female and male toilets but could not find her. They knocked on the locked door of the disabled toilet but received no response. After searching the parking lot, her brother returned to the toilets to see a man fleeing the disabled toilet. He gave chase but the man got away. He then returned to find Sofia’s naked body on the floor. Later in the day, police arrested a 21-year old man who lived nearby and charged him with willful murder, deprivation of liberty and sexual penetration of a child.

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Sophie Hook 

1988 - 1995

Seven-year old Sophie was sleeping over in a tent in the backyard at the house of her uncle when she was abducted. She was with her sister and two cousins in the tent following a birthday party for one of her cousins, who had turned nine. Sometime during the night, she was abducted from the tent and taken to a nearby beach where she was raped, then strangled and thrown into the sea. Howard Hughes, a mentally-disturbed gardener was arrested and ultimately convicted of her murder.

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Stacey Lemmens 

1999 – 2006

Seven-year old Stacy was last seen late at night playing with her step-sister Nathalie Mahy outside a cafe where her parents were drinking. The two girls vanished without a trace. Police have detained 38-year old Abdallah Ait-Oud and charged him with kidnapping. Ait-Oud, who was imprisoned for the rape of his fourteen-year old niece in 1994, is the boyfriend of a waitress at the same cafe and is known to have left the cafe around the same time the girls disappeared. He has denied any involvement with their disappearance. On June 28, more than two weeks after the girls disappeared, their bodies were found near a railway station. An autopsy showed that both girls had been strangled and that Nathalie had been raped as well.

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Stephanie Crowe 

1985 - 1998

Twelve-year old Stephanie was found stabbed to death in her home in early 1998. In a highly-publicized police debacle, the spotlight of suspicion originally fell on Stephanie’s brother and a friend, purportedly because of the brother’s jealousy of his sister. The friends, who had a fascination with medieval weapons and role-playing games were interrogated mercilessly by police and coerced into confessing to a crime they did not commit. Their murder trial was all set to begin when Stephanie’s DNA was discovered on the clothing of a local transient who had been spotted in the area at the time of Stephanie’s murder. Richard Tuite has now been convicted of voluntary manslaughter.

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Sylvia Marie Likens 

1949 - 1965

Sixteen-year old Sylvia was left, along with her fifteen-year old sister, Jenny, at the home of Gertrude Baniszewski while her parents went off with a carnival to run a concession stand. Over the next three months, her life became a living hell. Baniszewski immediately singled Sylvia out for additional punishment without reason, then began encouraging her seven children to begin picking on her as well. The excessive punishment and picking gradually turned into outright violence and Baniszewski often forced Jenny to participate in this brutality as well. In October, the violence grew immeasurably worse, escalating into brutal, sadistic torture. After being tipped off by telephone, police visited the home and found Sylvia’s body. She had over one hundred cigarette and match burns on her emaciated body, as well as a couple of home-made tattoos made by a burning needle. One of the tattoos said “I am a prostitute and proud of it.” The police questioned all of the children, including Jenny, but they all repeated the same story that they had been coached to by Baniszewski: that Sylvia had prostituted herself and had been mutilated by a gang of boys to whom she had sold herself. But as the policeman was about to leave, a terrified Jenny whispered that if he would rescue her, she would tell him the real story. On the basis of her testimony and that of others, Gertrude, and the children were all tried. The children received light sentences as their defense lawyers managed to shift the blame to Gertrude. Only her seventeen-year old daughter, Paula was convicted of voluntary manslaughter. Gertrude was sentenced to life in prison. She was released after twenty years, but because of public outcry about her release was forced to live under an assumed name until she died of lung cancer five years later.

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Tabitha Potter 

1988 - 1999

Eleven-year old Tabitha went missing just at the end of the summer holidays. She was due to begin sixth grade the following week. Days later, her body was found in an isolated part of a park near her home. A week after her death, an unemployed bricklayer, 32-year old James Howley, hung himself, two days after being questioned by police regarding her disappearance. DNA evidence definitively linked Howley to her death. Police speculate that he murdered her after she threatened to tell about their relationship. Police suspect that Howley may also have had something to do with the disappearance of Melissa Fadden but have never found definitive proof of it.

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Tiahease Jackson

1972 - 1983

Eleven-year old Tiahease was last seen as her mother sent her to the market to buy a chicken. She never returned. Although police have no definite leads in her disappearance, they suspect Andre Rand, a murderer and sex offender who was living in the area. He was also suspected in the disappearances of Holly Hughes, Audrey Lynn Nerenberg and Alice Pereia, but did not stand trial because he was ruled mentally incompetent. In 2000, though, he was convicted of the 1987 murder of twelve-year old Jennifer Schweiger and he was finally convicted of kidnapping Holly Hughes in October 2004. The sentences, to run consecutively, virtually guarantee that Rand will die in prison.

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Tiffany Elizabeth Nelson 

1985 - 1994

Nine-year old Tiffany vanished on the afternoon of June 6, 1994. She was last seen filling the tires of her bicycle at a filling station. She was never seen again and her bicycle was never found. At the time, an eleven-year old boy reported seeing her in the back seat of a car driven by a man wearing a hat, but the lead was not substantive enough to determine what had happened to her. Eleven years later, on May 16, 2005, human remains were discovered in a wooded area of Burke County. DNA testing confirmed that the bones were Tiffany’s. Police still have no leads as to who is responsible for her death.

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Xiana Fairchild 

1992 - 1999

 Seven-year old Xiana vanished on her way to school and was not seen again. More than one year later, in January 2001, her remains were found in Santa Clara county. Forensic tests estimate that she died in August 2000, indicating that she was held captive for several months before being killed. Curtis Anderson, who was convicted of the abduction and rape of another girl who managed to escape, has been charged with her abduction and murder.

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Shaniya Davis 2004 - 2009 

Shaniya Davis Found Dead; Mother Turned Little Girl Into Sex Slave, Say Police

November 16, 2009 2:13 PM 

NEW YORK (WRAL) The body of missing 5-year-old Shaniya Nicole Davis was recovered Monday afternoon, Fayetteville Police Chief Tom Bergamine said. 

The child was first reported missing from her home by her mother last Tuesday morning. On Friday, Mario Andrette McNeill, 29, was charged with first-degree kidnapping, and late Saturday, her mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, 25, was arrested on accusations that she prostituted her daughter.

Fayetteville police scheduled a 2:30 p.m. news conference at the Benhaven Fire and Rescue Department on Barbeque Church Road.

Fayetteville police received a tip Sunday that Shaniya's body was dumped along Walker Road, off N.C. Highway 87, said Theresa Chance, spokeswoman for the Fayetteville Police Department. About 250 law enforcement agents and volunteers searched the area Monday morning, but they moved farther south after noon.

Searchers focused on an area about 6 miles from the last confirmed sighting of Shaniya. She was seen on security video at the Comfort Suites hotel in Sanford, along with a man who police believe is McNeill, last Tuesday morning.

Shaniya's father and aunt appeared on CBS' "Early Show" Monday to beg for the girl's safe return.

"I just ask that, at this time, please just let her go," said Shaniya's aunt, Carey Lockhart-Davis. "She doesn't deserve this. Have a kind heart."

Lockhart and his sister, who live out of state, cared for the girl until last month, when she went to live with her mother. Davis had worked to get her life together and had been working for at least six months and gotten a place of her own, Lockhart said.

Antoinette Davis is scheduled to appear in court Monday afternoon. Police said that arrest documents say that she "knowingly provide[d] Shaniya Davis with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude" and she "permit[ted] an act of prostitution."

Lockhart-Davis, who is not related to the girl's mother, recalled happy times with Shaniya, when the girl would come home from school showing off marks for good behavior.

"She's a precious, little angel, full of joy," Lockhart said. "A little reserved when you first meet her, but once she gets to know you, she just runs around, plays and won't leave you alone."

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